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Cramming Cookies and Coffee

Sarah McQueen smcqu643@uwsp.edu The library is hosting an Exam Cram on Monday, Dec. 16 from 7 p.m. to midnight for students who need study time for exams, extra help with final papers and projects, or a little free caffeine to get them through the week. This is the fifth year the library has held an Exam Cram. “The reason we ... Read More »

City Bus Doubles as Office Space

Sarah McQueen smcqu643@uwsp.edu Representative Katrina Shankland and Senator Julie Lassa held their office hours on Stevens Point City busses this week, giving them a chance to interact with local residents they might not normally get to speak with. The two politicians were invited to ride the busses by Susan Lempke, the transit manager for the City of Stevens Point. “We ... Read More »

Students and Community Invited to Political Reform Forum

Sarah McQueen smcqu643@uwsp.edu Dave Obey, Katrina Shankland and a few other politicians will be speaking at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point during a public forum held by the Common Cause in Wisconsin on Monday, Oct. 28. The Common Cause in Wisconsin is a non-partisan, non-profit citizen’s lobby group. They have been holding forums all over Wisconsin for the past six years. ... Read More »

Women’s Basktball Team Trains with ROTC

Sarah McQueen smcqu643@uwsp.edu As the Women’s Basketball Team prepares for the upcoming season coach Shirley Egner has been getting creative with ways to whip her team into shape. For the first five weeks of the semester she has had her athletes training with ROTC every Monday for 5:45am workouts. “It was our wellness class but we reached out to ROTC ... Read More »

Shankland Gets to Know Campus

Sarah McQueen smcqu643@uwsp.edu State Assembly representative Katrina Shankland visited the university last Friday to tour the campus, speak with faculty, and meet students. “I like being on campus,” Shankland said. “There is so much energy on campus. I feel like we are all accomplishing something together and I think that is very valuable. One of the things that I feel ... Read More »

Cadets Learn Navigation Skills

Sarah McQueen smcqu643@uwsp.edu 9907 3450. These numbers probably mean nothing to you, but to the students in ROTC who spent last Thursday evening in Wells Field taking a land navigation course, those numbers were the reason for giving up an evening off to spend two hours out in the rain. One of the benefits of being in ROTC is that ... Read More »

Blood Center of Wisconsin Declares Emergency

Sarah McQueen smcqu643@uwsp.edu The Blood Center of Wisconsin is currently short on supply, having only enough blood in its inventory to last for one day. The Student Involvement and Employment Office is sponsoring a blood drive on Sept. 23 and 24 to help with the lack of blood. They usually collect 70-85 units of blood, but they hope to exceed ... Read More »

Students Educated about Off-Campus Housing

Sarah McQueen smcqu643@uwsp.edu A panel of city and university officials met with students in Neale Hall on Sept. 17 to help educate students on issues related to off- campus housing. This was the first of many similar events scheduled throughout the fall semester. The program is called Strategic Education Campaign on Rights, Responsibilities, and Community: Landlords, Homeowners, Municipal Governance, Students, ... Read More »

Joint Finance Committee Freezes Tuition, Slashes Budget

Sarah McQueen smcqu643@uwsp.edu The Joint Finance Committee decided to implement a system wide tuition freeze last June for the next two years for the University of Wisconsin after determining that the UW system’s reserve was too large. Without the tuition freeze, students at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point would have seen a two percent tuition increase this year, and students at other UW schools ... Read More »

The UW Surplus and How it Affects Stevens Point

Sarah McQueen smcqu643@uwsp.edu The alleged billion-dollar surplus found in the University of Wisconsin System’s budget last week could mean a tuition freeze and a loss in state support to the UW System and its universities. The budget that is being scrutinized is a snapshot of the budget from June 2012. Much of the money did not come from tuition but ... Read More »