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SGA Strives to Implement Differential Tuition

Sarah McQueen smcqu643@uwsp.edu The Student Government Association is hoping to implement the Pointer Compact, otherwise known as differential tuition, in the spring of 2014, which will mean an increase in tuition costs for students. Currently, every student pays $7,370 per academic year. That number includes tuition, which goes to fund things like cost of instruction, and segregated fees, which goes ... Read More »

A New Discussion In American Sports

Sarah McQueen smqu643@uwsp.edu No American male athlete on a professional sports team—football, basketball, baseball, or hockey—has ever come out as being gay while still playing. Multiple players have revealed themselves after retiring. Several professional female athletes have come out while still playing for their teams. But the possibility of having a gay American male athlete is now on the public ... Read More »

Going Hungry for a Cause

Sarah McQueen smcqu643@uwsp.edu How would you feel if you attended a banquet where many were served unlimited food, but you were told there was nothing left for you? Would you be shocked? Angry? Upset? This is exactly what happened to many who attended the Hunger Banquet on April 13. This visual was used to drive home the point that millions ... Read More »

January Brings New Chief for IT

  There will be a new Chief Information Officer (CIO) and director of the Information and Technology Department starting in January 2013. The Information Technology (IT) department offers help for students with computer issues, be it hardware, software, networking, or repair issues. The IT department is staffed by just under 50 people who work to offer IT support, telephone support, ... Read More »

Sibling Assistance

The Family Communication class, Communication 389/589, will be presenting a student-run workshop based on conflict management and relational maintenance in sibling relationships on December 12 at 7:00 p.m. in the Communication Arts Center, room 333. The idea behind the workshop is to provide people with concrete and usable strategies for enhancing and maintaining their adult sibling relationships. The workshop will ... Read More »

35 Years for Barney Street

Barney Street, an anthology of prose, poetry, artwork and photography from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point students, is now collecting submissions for its 35th annual publication for the University Writers. Students are encouraged to submit up to three prose works, five poems, or five pieces of artwork. The organization usually receives over 100 submissions and narrows it down to a selection ... Read More »

961 Frowns on 420

As everyone knows, the use of marijuana is illegal in Wisconsin, and those caught with it will face consequences. But what are those consequences, and are they any worse for students caught with this substance on a college campus? The University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point follows the state law, which states that possession of marijuana, or any drug paraphernalia, ... Read More »

A Sneak Peek at Soup and Substance

Once a month a group of about 25 or so students gather in the DUC to share a hot meal and spend an hour learning about and discussing a new topic. Topics this semester have covered renewable energy, Native American culture in modern America, and, most recently, Hmong culture and identity. The next and last topic that will be covered ... Read More »

Celebrating Our Veterans

Last Monday the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point held a remembrance ceremony in honor of war veterans and Veterans Day. The remembrance ceremony opened with the presenting of flags, carried by four men currently serving in the Army, followed by brief speeches from Chancellor Bernie Patterson, Teresa Barta, an associate professor of biology at UWSP, and Vice Chancellor of ... Read More »

Student Law Enforcement Association Lends a Hand

The Student Law Enforcement Association (SLEA) is a student-run program at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point that allows students to help the community while gaining hands-on experience themselves in dealing with natural resource laws. “We put on recreational safety courses, so we improve knowledge of the local community so they can be safer,” said Dale Romback, president SLEA and student ... Read More »