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Cuba: Once So Far Now So Near

For the first time ever students of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point are being offered the opportu­nity to study abroad in Cuba. Through a new program, “The Cuban Revolution”, students will travel to Cuba for two weeks, from January 6-20, 2013. Students will spend most of their time in Havana where they will visit art and history museums, an organic ... Read More »

UWSP In Top 10

The University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point was ranked in the top 10 best public universities in the Midwest according to the U.S. News and World Report. “I think it shows the excellence of our institution,” said Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Al Thompson. “It shows that the students that we bring to this campus are outstanding indi­viduals. The academic programs ... Read More »

Experience is the Best Teacher

Professor Dan Dieterich is coming out of retirement to teach English 349, otherwise known as the business Cornerstone Press. English 349 is a publishing and editing class where students select a manuscript and edit, publish and market it. Dieterich taught the class from 1978 until his partial retirement two years ago when Per Henningsgaard took over. When Dieterich originally started ... Read More »

Ragweed Wages War

Allergy season has set in with a vengeance this fall, mostly because ragweed is thriving under the current weather conditions. Pollen levels are high, especially pollen from ragweed. Ragweed starts blooming in mid-August and usually lasts for about six weeks or until the first frost kills off the plants. Ragweed is a wind-pollinated flowering plant and the main cause of ... Read More »

Student Vote Coalition Begins Work

A new organization on campus, the Student Vote Coalition (SVC), has begun work to assist as many students as possible register to vote, become educated voters and make it to the polls on Election Day. “Earlier this summer the president, the vice president and myself of the [Student Government Association] realized that we needed to have local, student run, student ... Read More »