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Campus Is In Clear, EPA in Fear

Nelson Hall is UWSP's office of sustainability. Photo courtesy of Dalen Dahl.

President Donald Trump and the Republican-controlled house have moved forward in their effort to ‘terminate’ the Environmental Protection Agency through funding cuts and staff removal. The nomination of Scott Pruitt for head of the EPA  put environmentalists on edge. Pruitt’s name is linked with 14 lawsuits against the agency he now heads. The EPA has impacted the United State’s carbon ... Read More »

Goodbye Free-Parking, Hello Kiosks

Campus parking meters. | Photo Courtesy of Dalen Dahl.

Stevens Point has decided to install parking kiosks near the university and downtown. These kiosks will eliminate most of the convenient free parking in those areas. After a parking study done by a third-party research team, the city voted to fund the installation of fourteen kiosks all servicing twenty-five parking spots each. The kiosks will be positioned within a one ... Read More »

Tuition Cuts for UW System Not as Great as They Sound

Photo courtesy of Madison.com

Governor Scott Walker has proposed a tuition cut for the UW System in the next budget, but it comes with strings attached. Walker has appeared to switch from the trend of continuously cutting state funds to adding support to the System. A tuition cut sounds great to students, but for the sake of the functionality of the System as a whole, ... Read More »

Vigil Held at Sundial for Community Unity

Photo by of Alexa Dickson.

On Thursday, Nov. 17, the community joined together on campus at the Sundial to honor those who have passed away or suffered from hate crimes. The vigil, along with other activities through the week, addressed incidents that have been happening at a local and national level. In recent weeks, many hurtful incidents have been requested to be recognized. The Student ... Read More »

Green Fund Efforts Pay Off with Building of Bicycle Shelter

The Green Fund's bike shelter is located outside of the Dreyfus University Center. Photo by Kylie Bridenhagen.

The Green Fund has succeeded in erecting a bike shelter outside the Dreyfus University Center after years of planning. The Green Fund itself is a campus organization that aims to improve sustainability and lessen the environmental impact of the university, which was approved through a student referendum in the spring of 2013 with 70 percent approval. The Fund’s mission is ... Read More »

The Year We Almost Ate Garbage

Being one of the greenest campuses in the UW system, how does the
university deal with its waste?​

This semester, university senators created a piece of legislation that, if passed, would approve of locally sourced dumpster food to be served on campus. The Student Government Association drafted a piece of legislation proposing the consumption of ‘waste receptacle sourced food’ on campus as safe and environmentally sustainable. All legislature is taken seriously, but this particular piece was written as ... Read More »

SGA Sponsors Bike Share Program on Campus

Photo by Colton Oltesvig.

Students can rent a bicycle for the school year much like text book rental by signing a contract with the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point’s Student Government Association. Robert Abrahamian, SGA Environmental and Sustainability Affairs Director, said “roughly 30 percent of students at UWSP bike to campus or around the city.” Currently, SGA has 25 bikes available for rental, so supply ... Read More »

Student Government Fabricates New T-shirt Standards

Photo by Colton Oltesvig.

Student Government Organization passed a resolution called the “Student Government Association Sustainable Clothing Statute.” The statute mandates Student Government to only place t-shirt orders through socially responsible retailers. The shirts are required to meet two of the three approved factors to be deemed as a socially responsible product. The clothing must be organic, fair trade or made in the United ... Read More »

Primary Election Voting Proved Challenging for Students

Photo courtesy of Robby Abrahamian

Three hour lines and lots of confusion was how many students described their primary election experience. Jack Ivansek, legislative affairs director for the Student Government Association, explained that the long lines many experienced was most likely due to the amount of people who waited until the day of the election to register. He also believed the new photo ID law ... Read More »

New SGA President and Vice President Have High Hopes for 2016

Photo courtesy of Alex Glazner

The student body can expect the the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point to become a more inclusive, safe and sustainable campus in the near future. John Peralta, junior waste management major, was elected as SGA president with Andrew Glazner, sixth year accounting and business administration major, as vice president for the 2016-2017 school year. They have designed a three point plan ... Read More »