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Student Government Fabricates New T-shirt Standards

Student Government Organization passed a resolution called the “Student Government Association Sustainable Clothing Statute.” The statute mandates Student Government to only place t-shirt orders through socially responsible retailers. The shirts are required to meet two of the three approved factors to be deemed as a socially responsible product. The clothing must be organic, fair trade or made in the United ... Read More »

Primary Election Voting Proved Challenging for Students

Three hour lines and lots of confusion was how many students described their primary election experience. Jack Ivansek, legislative affairs director for the Student Government Association, explained that the long lines many experienced was most likely due to the amount of people who waited until the day of the election to register. He also believed the new photo ID law ... Read More »

New SGA President and Vice President Have High Hopes for 2016

The student body can expect the the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point to become a more inclusive, safe and sustainable campus in the near future. John Peralta, junior waste management major, was elected as SGA president with Andrew Glazner, sixth year accounting and business administration major, as vice president for the 2016-2017 school year. They have designed a three point plan ... Read More »

Student Government Hoping for Active Election

As a new semester begins for the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, a new chapter is also beginning for the Student Government Association. The SGA is getting ready to elect a new president and vice president, along with accepting applications for Senate. However, they are hoping not to do it on their own and want as much student participation as possible. ... Read More »

Student Voice Needed in the Vote for Differential Tuition

For 48 hours on Nov. 11 and 12, students at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point will vote whether to instate differential tuition, extra money paid by students. Unlike base tuition,  the money does not go to the UW System to be redistributed but instead goes straight to the university that collects it. John Ivansek, legislative affairs director for the Student Government Association, ... Read More »

Differential Tuition: More Classes, More Advisors, More Money?

Many students either experience, or have a friend who knows first-hand, the reality of super-senior life. For the past six years, the Student Government Association has sought to implement differential tuition, an additional tuition, as a solution to the five or six-year graduation model many students deal with. According to the University of Wisconsin System’s website, “institution-wide differential tuition is defined ... Read More »

Common Council Created to Improve Shared Governance

University personnel are in the process of forming a common council, merging the current Faculty Senate with classified staff. The current Faculty Senate  is made up of academic staff and faculty. “The idea for common council is to merge everyone into one big common council, and from there they will split off into their own individual committees,” said Katie Cronmiller, Student Government ... Read More »

Cronmiller and Vida Will Represent Student Body in Fall of 2015

Katie Cronmiller and Amy Vida will be the Student Government Association president and vice president for the 2015-2016 term. “The climate we’re going into is going to be very different this year, because across the state right now people are trying to figure out how to survive this budget cut and a part of that is figuring out how student ... Read More »

Letter-Writing Campaign for Students with a Stance

The Student Government Association is organizing a campaign allowing students to take action for or against the proposed University of Wisconsin System budget cuts by writing letters to the Joint Finance Committee and Gov. Scott Walker. Since the proposed budget was announced, community members have held meetings, protested and lobbied at the capitol. This campaign allows for students’ voices to be heard ... Read More »

UWSP’s Most Eligible Bachelor: Ryan Kernosky

Ryan Kernosky, student government extraordinaire and The Pointer’s own personal expert travel agent, is being recognized as the university’s premier specimen of a male partner. University Relations and Communications released a statement recently announcing his rise to stardom on the next season of “The Bachelor.” The female population on campus immediately donned their most charming ensembles and headed toward the ... Read More »