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Differential Tuition to Receive Additional Consideration

  After being shot down twice, officials are continuing efforts to implement differential tuition, a fee intended to help Pointers graduate on time and save money. Differential tuition would allow the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point to hire more full-time professors and alleviate bottleneck courses. Bottleneck courses are the ones some students cannot register for because they fill up too quickly. ... Read More »

SGA Updates Bylaws

SGA recently updated their bylaws with several improvements to ensure that they can effectively serve the student body by remaining ethical in their actions within the organization. SGA has been working throughout the entire academic year on the updates. The last time these laws were updated was 2011. “The goal was to write the bylaws so that they do not ... Read More »

SGA Seeks Alterations to Course Evaluation Structure

Last week, Student Senate passed a bill to alter the current course evaluation structure in order to elicit more qualitative responses from students and, in turn, aid faculty in utilizing results to improve overall course objectives and methods. Course evaluations are meant to be a means to interpret students’ feedback on their experiences with an instructor.  Students evaluate their professor in the classroom, class ... Read More »

SGA Proposes Unified Attendance Policy for Campus

SGA passed a bill last week to create a campus-wide attendance and make-up work policy in order to make requirements consistent from class to class regardless of the department or professor. “We are one of the last UW schools to address a campus-wide, standard attendance policy,” said SGA President Ryan Specht. “It is inconsistent and we have received troubling reports ... Read More »

Faculty and Staff Appreciation Week Shows Good Turnout

Last week from March 3-7, SGA hosted faculty and staff appreciation week at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, giving students an opportunity to send thank you cards to faculty members and staff as well as to sign a banner to be presented to the Faculty Senate last Friday. Student life and academic affairs director Julie Olaf spearheaded the project.  She ... Read More »

Subsidy Budget Finalized by Student Senate

The University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point Subsidy Budget has been written and finalized by the Student Senate as of Nov. 9. “There are a lot of different organizations on campus that get funded by SGA. This is just the portion where we subsidize major departments on campus as opposed to student organizations, which happens in February,” said SGA budget director, ... Read More »

SGA Judiciary Branch Refurbished To Ensure Due Process

Recently, the judiciary branch of the Student Government Association underwent multiple structural changes to ensure that proper checks and balances were maintained for​semesters to come. “We’ve always had a judicial branch, but we’ve actually never had a judicial branch,” said SGA president Ryan Specht. “Structurally it existed, but it never actually had a jurisdiction or a set of duties that gave ... Read More »

Zombies Infiltrate Campus

Zombies were seen attacking joggers on campus last Sunday. There is no need to panic, however, because The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point was hosting its second annual Zombie Run. The Zombie Run is a 5k obstacle course featuring everyone’s favorite flesh eating friends. This event is sponsored by the Residence Hall Association and the Student Government Association in order to ... Read More »

SGA Holds $200,000 Surplus in Segregated Fees

Over the course of the last fiscal year a surplus was accumulated for the overall allocated segregated fee fund and it will remain in the account in case of emergencies. The surplus came to a total of about $214,000, which is the typical average of institutions similar to the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. The Student Government Association is in charge ... Read More »

Allocable Segregated Fees Have Bright Future

On Thursday Oct. 3, a new bill was passed unanimously for allocable segregated fees to only be raised up to one percent per year over the next two fiscal years. This financial guideline can help all student organizations, subsidy receiving departments and special campus projects better plan for their budgets. Segregated fees are around $1,200 per student annually. This money ... Read More »