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In Other News, New York Times Partnership Dropped

The New York Times subscription was dropped from the College Readership Program this academic year. Last year, the Student Government Association decided to cut the New York Times subscription from the college readership program to save money after a price increase. Jordan Farrell, SGA Budget Director, said, “the price of the New York Times subscription went up by about 43 ... Read More »

Take Back the Night Unites with Denim Day

On April 26, two events aimed at ending interpersonal violence and rape culture will coincide: Take Back the Night and Denim Day. The event is being coordinated by the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Women’s Resources Center in conjunction with the Student Government Association and Promoting Awareness–Victim Empowerment. The event will start outside of Old Main at 5 p.m. Participants will ... Read More »

University of Wisconsin Calls for Free Tuition

The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Student Government Association made a bold statement last month demanding free tuition for all black students. UW-Madison reasoned that African-Americans were legally barred from enjoying the advancements of an education due to slavery and Jim Crow Laws in the past. Currently, African-American students enrolled in the university make up only 2 percent of the demographic. The university has ... Read More »

Get to Know the Candidates and VOTE!

The Student Government Association is holding elections for president and vice president next week. Candidates for president are Robert Abrahamian and Sean Piette, and their respective running mates are Nellie DeLain and Katie Hansen. There will be a debate on Wednesday, Mar. 8, at 8 p.m. in the Encore room in the Dreyfus University Center that is open to all ... Read More »

SGA Elections: What Positions are on the Ballot?

Spring presidential and vice presidential elections for the Student Government Association are upon us. Despite the democratic nature of student government, only three positions are elected by the student body.  The others apply directly to their position and are selected by student government and advisors. The three positions elected by the student body are President along with Vice President and ... Read More »

Student Government Fabricates New T-shirt Standards

Student Government Organization passed a resolution called the “Student Government Association Sustainable Clothing Statute.” The statute mandates Student Government to only place t-shirt orders through socially responsible retailers. The shirts are required to meet two of the three approved factors to be deemed as a socially responsible product. The clothing must be organic, fair trade or made in the United ... Read More »

Differential Tuition: More Classes, More Advisors, More Money?

Many students either experience, or have a friend who knows first-hand, the reality of super-senior life. For the past six years, the Student Government Association has sought to implement differential tuition, an additional tuition, as a solution to the five or six-year graduation model many students deal with. According to the University of Wisconsin System’s website, “institution-wide differential tuition is defined ... Read More »

Faculty Senate Holds Last Independent Meeting

On Wednesday, May 6, Faculty Senate held its last meeting as an independent entity and voted on the proposed constitution for the Common Council shared governance structure. Faculty Senate is currently made up of faculty and academic staff but soon university staff will be joining the discussion on campus-wide issues. “As it is now, the three voices of the university ... Read More »

Cronmiller and Vida Will Represent Student Body in Fall of 2015

Katie Cronmiller and Amy Vida will be the Student Government Association president and vice president for the 2015-2016 term. “The climate we’re going into is going to be very different this year, because across the state right now people are trying to figure out how to survive this budget cut and a part of that is figuring out how student ... Read More »

Budget Proposal Could Impact Sustainability

The biennial budget proposed by Gov. Scott Walker, a contender for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, would likely impact sustainability at the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point and throughout the city. Proposed cuts to the UW System would result in a $6.4 million loss for UWSP and an additional $1.4 million cut from specified programs. A reduction this large would force programs to rein in their ... Read More »