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Fringe Festival Turns Student Theatre Upside Down: Review

Theatre and dance students at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point showcased their talents on Friday, Feb. 16 and Saturday, Feb. 17 at the annual Fringe Festival. The two-hour performance, which included six student written, directed and performed plays and two student choreographed and performed dances was put on by the UWSP Players Student Artistic Alliance. Every year, the festival has a ... Read More »

City Pushes for New Housing Arrangements for UWSP Students

Are Pointers really good neighbors? That was the million dollar question this week, and the answer received was not the answer we as Pointers should be proud of. Tori Jennings, First District Alder, has some thoughts on how Pointer students are currently and should be fitting into the community at large. Residents of Stevens Point often percieve students as disruptive ... Read More »

Humans of Point

Amy Wasleske is a senior majoring in English education with a minor in creative writing.   How do you feel about Valentine’s Day? I feel like Valentine’s day is a great time to show someone that you care about them. Some years I am happier about it than others. This year I am excited to have a day with my ... Read More »

Humans of Point

Emma Willis is a junior elementary education major with a minor in English. If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would it be? If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go to Santorini, Greece. I would love to stay in one of the white houses that overlooks the sea and spend all day ... Read More »

Humanity vs. Technology: Review of “Black Mirror”

Albert Einstein is quoted as once saying, “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” Nearly 70 years later, these words are taking on new life in the form of the hit Netflix original series, “Black Mirror.” This British science fiction series has grown in popularity since its release of the first season in 2011. The ... Read More »

Humans of Point

Bethany Hasenberg is a junior majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders with a minor in Psychology. What class are you most excited about this semester? Honestly, Physics 115: Acoustics. It’s going to suck a lot, but I love math and I’m excited to see how I can challenge myself to do well in the course. Who has been your favorite ... Read More »

SGA Works with City to Create Off-Campus Housing Inspections

The Student Government Association is working with the City of Stevens Point to create a voluntary housing inspection. SGA is hopeful that there will be implementation of this plan by June 1 of this year. Other campuses in Wisconsin have already created an inspection process for off-campus housing, and the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point will be the next. This idea ... Read More »

Students Experience Tropical Ecology in Costa Rica

Students at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point were provided with the opportunity to study abroad in Costa Rica this winter break. The study abroad course was a three-week program with a focus on tropical ecology in Costa Rica. While studying abroad, students visited multiple ecosystems and saw countless animal species. This study abroad experience was open to all UWSP students with ... Read More »

Opportunities Abound for Students to Stay Physically Active

Not being on varsity teams at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point does not mean that students cannot have fun, compete and stay healthy during the winter months. UWSP offers many facilities to students, such as the Cardio Center and Multi-Activity Center. The Cardio Center, located on the upper level of the building at 400 Illinois Ave., features many different cardio ... Read More »

Humans of Point: Students Share Festivity

The students of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point are excited for the upcoming holiday season.  Students celebrate different holidays and set their own traditions with their families, making them special in their own way. Julia Cheng is a junior majoring in accounting & business management from Kenosha, WI. Julia’s favorite holiday is Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is a ... Read More »