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Humans of Point: Students Share Festivity

The students of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point are excited for the upcoming holiday season. In this article, there will be interviews from a few of the students at UWSP discussing their favorite holidays and why they cherish them. Although we celebrate the same holidays, we set our own traditions among our families, making them special to us all. Julia ... Read More »

Come January, Local Kmart Closes Its Doors for Good

Located at 111 Division Street, Stevens Point, the local Kmart is scheduled to shut its doors for good by the end of January 2018. Kmart has been known for their low prices and nationwide accessibility for decades. However, as more superstores begin to popularize, Kmart is plummeting and Stevens Point is seeing the effects. According to the press release from ... Read More »

Anticipation Continues For The Newly-Built One-Stop Center

A soon-to-be-revealed “One-Stop Center” feature, next to The Food Fo Thought Cafe in Albertson Hall, is making its way to completion, and the staff and students of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point couldn’t be more excited. The “One-Stop Center” was once just an idea thought of by a past vice chancellor of enrollment and management, possibly drawing inspiration from a ... Read More »

SCULPT Continues Building the Art Community with Glass Pumpkins

On Saturday, Oct. 14, beautiful glass pumpkins were put on display by the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point student organization SCULPT and were available for purchase in front of the Noel Fine Arts Center. This fundraiser is held annually and, despite the windy conditions which made artists nervous for their pumpkins, the students were enthusiastic to talk about their lovely fall ... Read More »

Smartphone Usage Could Hurt Student Grades

A recent study from Kent State University found that cell phones have a significant negative impact on the grade point average of college students. “I definitely think that it distracts me from my homework, because if I’m in the middle of an assignment and my phone goes off, I immediately go to that, and start paying attention to that,” said ... Read More »

Primary Election Voting Proved Challenging for Students

Three hour lines and lots of confusion was how many students described their primary election experience. Jack Ivansek, legislative affairs director for the Student Government Association, explained that the long lines many experienced was most likely due to the amount of people who waited until the day of the election to register. He also believed the new photo ID law ... Read More »

Former UWSP Student Shot and Killed in Stevens Point

At approximately 7:48pm on March 17, The Stevens Point Police Department responded to a call of possible gunshots fired. A former University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point student was shot within blocks of campus in what police are calling a suspected drug deal. The victim, Deonta M. Lezine, died on March 25. The shooting occurred in the 2700 block of Fifth Avenue, ... Read More »

New Law Gives More Freedom to Landlords

A law was recently passed that limits local control over the safety requirements of rental units, ultimately giving more leeway to landlords. Meleesa Johnson, director of solid waste management for Marathon County, is the fifth district alderperson for Stevens Point. Johnson explains that prior to this law the city was able to inspect rental units in order to ensure that ... Read More »

Creative Point Showcases Student Talent

Creative Point, a new campus organization, aims to provide an outlet for students to express themselves through different forms of art and innovation. Erin Freiderich, senior communication major, is the founder and vice president of the organization. “There are a lot of wonderful student organizations, and I have met a lot of students that have not wanted to go out ... Read More »

ACA Rumblings Raise More Important Questions

Over winter break, I had to attend a mandatory meeting regarding the Affordable Care Act compliance and how it was limiting students to 25 working hours on campus. As a result, I came into this editorial frustrated, angry, and full of bias. Once I began to investigate what was causing the student body to go into an uproar, my opinion ... Read More »