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Humans of Point: Students Share Festivity

The students of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point are excited for the upcoming holiday season.  Students celebrate different holidays and set their own traditions with their families, making them special in their own way. Julia Cheng is a junior majoring in accounting & business management from Kenosha, WI. Julia’s favorite holiday is Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is a ... Read More »

Students, Faculty Discuss Wisconsin’s Hunting Tradition

The week of Thanksgiving is a special time in Wisconsin. For nine days, men, women and children take part in one of the state’s biggest traditions- deer hunting. Students and faculty of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point discussed their hunting background and their plans to participate in this year’s hunt, which will run from Nov. 21 through Nov. 29. Scott Hygnstrom, ... Read More »

Tailgating: Homecoming Edition

When I was a kid I thought going to a ballgame was the best thing in the world. Nothing really tops the feeling of walking into a cathedral of athletic prowess and watching the best athletes in the world showcase their craft in front of thousands of people. I still think going to a ballgame is one of the greatest ... Read More »