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From myPoint to accesSPoint

Owen Moran, a sophomore student showing frustration with access point.

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is in the process of fully implementing Oracle Campus Solutions, otherwise known as accesSpoint. The features that myPoint has and had in the past are gradually becoming accessible on accesSPoint. Eventually myPoint, a system which the current UWSP students are familiar with, will be completely phased out. Jim Barrett, associate vice chancellor for Enrollment Management ... Read More »

Revamped with a Side of Live-Action

Powerpuff Girls evil mirror trouble. Photo provided by flickr

There’s something exciting and nostalgic about turning on the TV and having an old episode of a favorite childhood show come on, but a recent trend in entertainment has been to remake and reboot some of the classic TV shows and movies college students watched in their youth. The past few years have welcomed reboots of cartoons such as The ... Read More »

Segregated Fees Survive the Budget For Now

Jordan Farrell and other SGA members at work. Photo courtesy of Samantha Stein.

Segregated fees have survived. Governor Scott Walker’s budget proposal suggested making these fees optional, which would have been the end of most student organizations and other services across campus. The Student Government Association at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point has worked to educate the student population and organize rallies and effective protests. Jordan Farrell, junior natural resources planning and political ... Read More »

Discussing 13th: Popcorn, Panels and Perspective

Panel discussion after the showing of the 13th. Photo by Kathryn Wisniewski

The Black Student Union hosted a showing of the documentary, 13th, on Tuesday night in collaboration with Sigma Delta Rho and Sigma Tau Delta. The film investigated the social and political repercussions on the African American community in the wake of the abolishment of slavery by the 13th Amendment to the Constitution. After the showing, there was a panel of ... Read More »

Put Your Middle School Recorder To Use

Oscar C. Noetzel jamming out with some friends. Photo provided by Oscar C Noetzel

Centertainment’s first ever jam session invites musicians of all instruments to collaborate with others for a casual night of musical improvisation. Bringing any instrument such as a ukulele, harmonica, guitar, piano, accordion, cajon, recorder or didgeridoo is encouraged. Bridget Pintz, senior arts management major and alternative sounds coordinator for Centertainment, created the event to provide a space where musicians with ... Read More »

Dive into the Cinematic Experience

Students swimming while watching the Little Mermaid. Photo by Nomin Erdenebileg

Attending the movies is an exciting experience that transports viewers into new worlds. That experience was heightened Friday night by putting viewers neck-deep into a movie. Centertainment Productions hosted a dive-in movie on April 14 with a pool showing of Disney’s The Little Mermaid at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point’s Aquatic Center. Charity Hentges, late night program coordinator for Centertainment, ... Read More »

Students Advocate to End Human Trafficking and Slavery

Stop Human Trafficking billboard. Photo by wikimedia commons

Here on campus, the International Justice Mission group meets on a weekly basis to plan events and discuss topics related to human trafficking and slavery. One of the big events that the organization plans is Justice Week, which occurred in the first week of April. Maggie Burie, sophomore communication science and disorders major, is a member of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens ... Read More »

International Dinner: 47 Years of Making Connections

UWSP students wearing their beautiful dresses at the International Dinner 2017. Photo courtesy of Jacob Peichuan Ji

On Saturday, April 8, students from all over the world united to celebrate diversity at the 47th Annual International Dinner. This year’s dinner theme, “Destinations: Off the Beaten Path,”  was chosen to recognize that some of the most beautiful aspects of a country lie off the beaten path. The dinner is a celebration of the diversity of students who attend ... Read More »

Get Your Country on with Easton Corbin

Easton Corbin at the Coastal Carolina Fair on the Lakefront Stage in Ladson, South Carolina. Photo courtesy of Lea Roberts

With popular jams, a guitar and a southern lilt, Easton Corbin is bringing a little bit of country to campus. The country singer from Florida will be performing Thursday, May 4 at 7:30 p.m. in the Quandt Fieldhouse at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Corbin released his first single in 2010, “A Little More Country Than That,” and won the ... Read More »

Local Pregnancy Centers Offer Drastically Different Services

Outside of First Choice. Photo by Samantha Stein

On Division Street in Stevens Point, there are two family planning facilities that are dramatically different in the services they provide. Delzell Hall on campus offers family planning services as well, but for varying reasons, Delzell is not always the go-to choice for family planning services. Delzell’s services are also only accessible to those currently enrolled at the university. The first of the ... Read More »