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Fringe Festival Turns Student Theatre Upside Down: Review

Theatre and dance students at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point showcased their talents on Friday, Feb. 16 and Saturday, Feb. 17 at the annual Fringe Festival. The two-hour performance, which included six student written, directed and performed plays and two student choreographed and performed dances was put on by the UWSP Players Student Artistic Alliance. Every year, the festival has a ... Read More »

Isherwood Wins Against Drainage Board

On January 31, Donald (Justin) Isherwood, a Plover potato farmer, won a multi-year battle with the Portage County Drainage Board. In 2013, Isherwood restored a drainage ditch into a successful brook trout habitat, that the Drainage Board believed obstructed drainage of surrounding fields. During the summer of 2016, the board removed the project three weeks before Isherwood could make his ... Read More »

Phantom Gallery Brings Art to Unexpected Places

CREATE Portage County hosted the fifth installment of its Phantom Gallery series on Saturday, Feb. 17, turning an unexpected Portage County venue into an art gallery for one night to showcase local artists and performers. This rendition, “Interplay,” showcased the language of movement and how it impacted each artist’s work. CREATE Portage County keeps the location of each Phantom Gallery ... Read More »

Humans of Point

Hayden Pocquette is a freshman forest management major. What’s your favorite meal of the day? My favorite meal of the day is lunch because the opportunities on what you can eat are endless. Which is the best place to eat: Upper, Lower or the DUC Food Court? Lower Debot is the best place to eat on campus because it’s good ... Read More »

DSC Gives Students Leadership and Career Experience

Since June of 2009, Dining and Summer Conferences has been completely student run. The shift to being a student run location has given students more control over their dining program and allowed students to introduce innovations that promote sustainable, local, farming and food practices. One of these innovations is called Green on the Go, this initiative offers students the opportunity ... Read More »

Pointer Staff Heads to ACP’s Best of the Midwest Conference

In what turned out to be a weekend filled with falafels and journalism, Naomi, Kathryn and I attended the Associate Collegiate Press’s Best of the Midwest Conference in Minneapolis. We had never been to a journalism conference before and nervously drove into busy Minneapolis traffic unsure of what to expect–we weren’t disappointed. From our very first key-note address to the ... Read More »

City Pushes for New Housing Arrangements for UWSP Students

Are Pointers really good neighbors? That was the million dollar question this week, and the answer received was not the answer we as Pointers should be proud of. Tori Jennings, First District Alder, has some thoughts on how Pointer students are currently and should be fitting into the community at large. Residents of Stevens Point often percieve students as disruptive ... Read More »

Woodland Sports Team Looks Forward to 66th Annual Midwestern Foresters’ Conclave

Each year, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point woodland sports team participates in a series of training events beginning in the fall to prepare for their large regional competition in the spring. The Midwestern Foresters’ Conclave, a two-day spring event which pits 14 Midwestern universities against each other in athletic and academic forestry contests, is the team’s biggest competition of the ... Read More »