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Mental Exercise Just as Important as Physical Exercise

The Health Services Center and Counseling Center work coherently to provide for student needs. Healthy mental habits need to be created and followed on a daily basis. Jen Sorenson, Physicians Assistant Director for Student Health Services, said, “Office visits for mental illnesses have increased from 12 to 18 percent in the last year.” Changes in lifestyle, taking college level courses, ... Read More »

A Cappella UWSP Hosts Open Mic Night

A Cappella UWSP, a student group at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, hosted Open Mic Night on Friday,  Sept. 16 which turned out 40 attendees. The night included 12 solo performances, three duets and two songs sung by one of A Cappella UWSP’s ensembles, On Point. Rob Goszkowicz, President of A Cappella UWSP, started the event with an introduction, explaining ... Read More »

Oil, Environment and Water, Oh My!

The Dakota Access Pipeline, or DAPL, is the most controversial environmental issue in the news right now, but what exactly is it and why should we care? DAPL is a proposed underground pipeline meant to connect the oil fields of North Dakota to the Gulf Coast. The DAPL pipeline facts website explains that it would stretch 1,172 miles through North Dakota, South ... Read More »

S.P.I.N. Kicks Off With Academic Year

You’ve seen the posters around campus: “S.P.I.N.,” “CORQ,” a lot of letters urging you to get involved. The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point’s Student Involvement and Employment Office, S.I.E.O., is launching a new student involvement network, S.P.I.N., Stevens Point Involvement Network, and companion app, CORQ, with the launch of the 2016-2017 academic year. “S.P.I.N. at its very basic level is just ... Read More »

Federal Disaster Status in Northern Wisconsin

Eight counties in northern Wisconsin have been given a Federal Disaster Declaration this summer due to flooding. Damages from the events have exceeded $25 million according to the Wisconsin Public Radio website. Flooding, road and bridge damage and power outages left some areas severely crippled when an intense wind storm struck just days after the initial flooding began. This is ... Read More »

International Education United on Campus

The Office of International Education, once located in the Collins Classroom Center, was often hard to locate, crowded with students, and not effective for presentations. In order to resolve these issues and break the barriers between international and traditional students, the Office of International Education completed a yearlong application process for new space. After approval from the Student Government Association, ... Read More »

‘Semper Fi, Do or Die:’ Students Dig Deep for ‘Dogfight’

A 22-minute, boot camp-style workout is not usually how most musical rehearsals start. That is because most musicals are not like “Dogfight.” The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Department of Theatre and Dance opens their spring musical, “Dogfight,” on May 6. Based on the 1991 film by the same name, “Dogfight” tells the story of a few young marines’ last night ... Read More »

Students Collaborate, Offer Perspective with ‘Lost and Found’

Students are coming together to create a theatrical performance unlike any other on campus with this year’s fringe festival. The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Players Artistic Alliance is producing their annual fringe festival: a production consisting completely of original, student work. This year’s title and theme is “Lost and Found.” The production consists of six original plays, a dance piece ... Read More »

New Major to be Offered at UWSP

Sentry Insurance recently donated 4 million dollars to the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point which will be used to create a new major. By 2016, data analytics will be added to the list of available majors at UWSP. Data analytics focuses on analyzing and drawing conclusions from data. Chancellor Bernie Patterson has made it clear that, legally, the donation cannot be ... Read More »

Centertainment Presents: Lost Boys Collective

  The Lost Boys Collective reunited back in Stevens Point for Centertainment’s first show of spring semester.   Performances by: Emmitt James https://lostboyscollective.bandcamp.com/album/hunger-pains-ep Nibs https://lostboyscollective.bandcamp.com/album/the-prelude Durr https://lostboyscollective.bandcamp.com/album/thonggothic tombo https://lostboyscollective.bandcamp.com/album/ive-been-away Nic Gauer https://lostboyscollective.bandcamp.com/album/lonely acidyouth https://lostboyscollective.bandcamp.com/track/the-science-building   Video by Brian Davila Brian.G.Davila@uwsp.edu IG @wildboy_brian Read More »