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Lapses: more state budget cuts in UWSP future

According to an email from Chancellor Bernie Patterson to the campus, the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point will lose another $2.7 to $4.7 million from its current funding depending on an upcoming Joint Finance Committee decision, adding to the roughly $8 million budget cut UWSP saw in the state budget that passed this summer. “Our aim is to be ... Read More »

Bouncing Boobies: Fun for All

There are many things that can be associated with dancing: high heels, passionate moves, thumping music, and according to the University of Wisconsin-Steven’s Point Women’s Resource Center, Bouncing Boobies! “This event has tremendous personal meaning for me. Three weeks ago a friend of mine lost a 10+ year battle with breast cancer,” said Jamie Chariton the Volunteer Coordinator and acting ... Read More »

GSA Encourages Coming Out as You Are

Imagine waking up every day hiding a part of who you are; knowing that it’s there but terrified to be honest with yourself and the people around you. This was the reality that Becca Whitehead experienced before coming out to her friends and family. “It was so hard because there is nothing worse than not being comfortable with who you ... Read More »

Sundial Redesign in the Works

Students walk on it every day, passing over it while bustling to and from class. Some study on it, some picnic by it, while others nap on its grassy knoll. The Specht, or more affectionately known as The Sundial, is a part of every student’s life. It’s been a meeting place for rallies, a gathering area for group studies – ... Read More »

Professors leave due to budget cuts

They stay at work late to grade our papers, they come to work early to open their offices to us, they’ve dedicated their lives to teaching us about the world we live in, and have spent countless hours guiding each and every one of us though our college careers. But as time progresses they are finding it more and more ... Read More »