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Enrollment Down 7.4 Percent From Last Year

Current enrollment at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is 8,567. For comparison, in fall 2013 enrollment was at 9,643. Roughly a 1,100 difference over the span of three school years. However, the drop from fall 2015 to fall 2016 steeps from 9,255 students, about a 7.4 percent drop in enrollment. Which is proportionally the largest annual decline from UW system ... Read More »

ACA Rumblings Raise More Important Questions

Over winter break, I had to attend a mandatory meeting regarding the Affordable Care Act compliance and how it was limiting students to 25 working hours on campus. As a result, I came into this editorial frustrated, angry, and full of bias. Once I began to investigate what was causing the student body to go into an uproar, my opinion ... Read More »