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Campus still in Transition period with AccesSPoint

Degree Progress Reports are the latest obstacle in the transition from myPoint to AccesSPoint. Stevens Point joins the other Universities of Wisconsin in using the program, Campus Solutions. AccesSPoint is a part of a program called Campus Solutions, which is used all over the UW-System. The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is the last college to implement Campus Solutions. “The UW ... Read More »

Dr. Tangedal Celebrates Second Year At Cornerstone Press

Ross Tangedal is going into his second year of leading the University’s publishing house, Cornerstone Press. The publishing house, which was established in 1984 and specifically designed to staff students taking English 349: Editing and Publishing, become the only student-run press in the UW-system. Each student takes on a specific role from editorial to sales, all with the goal of ... Read More »

Students Forced to Stay on Campus Next Year

Living on campus, or at least paying to live on campus, will be required for sophomore students as well as freshman beginning next year. Currently, it is required for traditional freshman students to live in the residence halls for their first year. Although many return to the dorms, a portion of upperclassmen move off-campus in their preceding years of school. ... Read More »

New Budget Proposal Could Mean Big Changes

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker recently released his proposal for the 2017-2019 University of Wisconsin System budget. In this proposal, Walker recommended that students pay less by giving them the option to opt-out of allocable segregated fees and by implementing a decrease in tuition of 5 percent across the board. In order to help compensate for some of the tuition cut, ... Read More »

Tuition Cuts for UW System Not as Great as They Sound

Governor Scott Walker has proposed a tuition cut for the UW System in the next budget, but it comes with strings attached. Walker has appeared to switch from the trend of continuously cutting state funds to adding support to the System. A tuition cut sounds great to students, but for the sake of the functionality of the System as a whole, ... Read More »

$42.5 Million Budget Request to Increase Students’ Academic Potential

A proposal for the UW System to invest $42.5 million in universities across Wisconsin is slated to improve students’ opportunities to succeed both academically and professionally. The proposal the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is creating for the 2017-19 biennial budget request will focus on four aspects. These focuses will be an education pipeline, an increased university experience, business and community ... Read More »

Future Budget Cuts Possible for Wisconsin Students

The UW Board of Regents recently cancelled scheduled presentations that were going to be given by UW System Chancellors regarding how individual campuses are being affected by the 2015-17 budget cuts. Soon after the cancelled meeting, Assistant Democratic Leader Katrina Shankland released a statement in which she asked Chancellor Bernie Patterson to hold an informational hearing for the Stevens Point ... Read More »

Tenure Reform: Effects System Wide

Wisconsin was the only state where tenure protections were written into state law, but legislators have removed the policies and faculty members across the state are concerned about the ramifications. Tenure reform has weakened the tenure policy and therefore does not offer the same protection as it once did. The process of writing new tenure rules began in summer 2015. Previously, there were only two ways a professor could lose their ... Read More »

UW System Sustainability Leaders Address Issues at Annual Meeting

University of Wisconsin System leaders discussed cuts to the Wisconsin state budget that affect the system’s sustainability efforts during a recent gathering. Held at UW-Whitewater, the annual meeting is a place for sustainability representatives from UW schools to share accomplishments and  discuss challenges throughout the system.  This year’s meeting centered around increasing efficiency despite having a reduced budget. Dave Barbier, ... Read More »

Students and Community Push Forward

Both the Student Government Association and the city of Stevens Point have officially taken a stance formally opposing Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed budget cuts to the University of Wisconsin System. At the Feb. 16, Stevens Point Common Council meeting, city leaders expressed that UW-Stevens Point is more than an economic engine; it improves the quality of life and culture in ... Read More »