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If Music Be the Food of Love, Play On Marie

Photo by Kathryn Wisniewski.

Three beautiful things appeared on the stage of Michelsen Hall Saturday night: a young musician, her violin and the music they created together. Marie Von Rueden gave her junior violin recital on Saturday, Feb. 18. Von Rueden is a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point pursuing a bachelor’s degree of music in violin performance. She has been playing violin ... Read More »

Fruition and Gin Mill Hollow Rock at the Encore

Fruition playing a great show at the Encore. Photo by Nomin Erdenebileg

Mandolin, guitar and a little bit of electricity created folkie tunes brought to campus Thursday night by Gin Mill Hollow and Fruition. The opening band, Gin Mill Hollow is an acoustic folk rock trio out of Madison. Marc Norman, songwriter, guitarist, double bassist and vocalist for Gin Mill Hollow, is quite familiar with the university, having graduated from the University ... Read More »

Campus Is In Clear, EPA in Fear

Nelson Hall is UWSP's office of sustainability. Photo courtesy of Dalen Dahl.

President Donald Trump and the Republican-controlled house have moved forward in their effort to ‘terminate’ the Environmental Protection Agency through funding cuts and staff removal. The nomination of Scott Pruitt for head of the EPA  put environmentalists on edge. Pruitt’s name is linked with 14 lawsuits against the agency he now heads. The EPA has impacted the United State’s carbon ... Read More »

Prospective Border Wall Threatens Endangered Wildlife

Wild jaguar on the endangered species list. Photo courtesy of outsideonline.com

In January, the heavily debated border wall got one step closer to becoming a reality when President Trump signed an executive order for its immediate construction. The economic and social implications of the wall inflamed disputes from the beginning of Trump’s campaign, but little publicity has been given to its effect on the border region’s wildlife. Shawn Crimmins, professor of ... Read More »

Intermediary: A Peek At Chinese Video Art

Video art from China showcasing a short clip in the Carlsten Art Gallery. Photo by Nomin Erdenebileg

When walking through an art gallery, most visitors expect to witness paintings, sculptures or drawings and would be surprised to find videos and digital images being displayed instead of these classic art forms. Breaking this generalization, Intermediary is a showcase of video art from China and is being displayed in the Edna Carlsten Art Gallery on campus. Seven different artists ... Read More »

Transgender Visibility Campaign Sheds Light on Important Topics

Illustration of different gender expression. Photo courtesy of genderdysphoria.com

As a result of misinformation or lack of information, misconceptions about the transgender community are often made. Transequality.org describes transgender as a term used for individuals whose gender identity is different from those that tend to identify with the sex that they are born with. Michelle Fournier, Gender and Sexuality outreach coordinator at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, stresses the ... Read More »

The Best Things in Life Are Free: Portage County Public Library

Portage County Public Library in downtown Stevens Point. Photo by Nomin Erdenebileg

The Portage County Public Library, just off campus at 1001 Main St., houses a variety of resources that benefit the community and university students. The library is free to use and students can acquire library cards, even if they aren’t from Stevens Point, with presentation of proper ID. It  is also part of the South Central Library System, a consortium ... Read More »

Greenpeace Campaigns to Protect Newly Discovered Amazon Reef

A coral formation in the newly discovered reef in the Amazon. Photo courtesy of inquisitr.com

Greenpeace, an environmentally minded non-government organization, has recently released photos of the newly discovered Amazon Reef in hopes of promoting its protection. The reef was first stumbled upon in 2012, but its existence was only officially announced in April of 2016 in the journal Science. With a size 3,600 square miles and depths that range from about 160 to 330 ... Read More »

Youth Oppressed and United puts YOU at the Center of Activism

Cover photo of the Youth Oppressed & United facebook page. Photo courtesy of www.facebook.com/uwsp.you

A girl sits in her dorm room tuning her trumpet when a note is passed underneath her door which reads, “stop your stupid noise, if you want to be noisy like all them other Mexicans go somewhere else.” This true story and many others like it compelled Vanesa Hernandez-Cevallos, sophomore psychology major, and her friend Eimie Vazquez, sophomore sociology major, ... Read More »

Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris

Photo courtesy of uwsp.edu.

Modern theatre-goers have fallen into a rut. They sit down in their red velvet seats and expect a two-act performance that tells them a story. The University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point Department of Theatre and Dance intends to break those expectations through its performance of Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris, a 49-year-old musical revue. ... Read More »