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Students Think About Consumerism this Valentine’s Day

For weeks now, store-fronts have been teeming with cards, candy and teddy bears in all shades of pink and red as a constant reminder that it is time to buy that special gift. It seems that this is exactly what Americans plan to do. The National Retail Federation has reported that collectively Americans are projected to spend $19.6 billion on ... Read More »

Humans of Point

Amy Wasleske is a senior majoring in English education with a minor in creative writing.   How do you feel about Valentine’s Day? I feel like Valentine’s day is a great time to show someone that you care about them. Some years I am happier about it than others. This year I am excited to have a day with my ... Read More »

Galentine’s Day: No Boys Allowed

When I think back to grade school, Valentine’s Day was one of the best days of the year. I looked forward to it the second the post-Christmas buzz wore off. Now that I’m in college (and single), my feelings have completely changed. For a while, I was confused why my opinion toward this holiday of love had shifted. If the ... Read More »

Local Business Showers the Community with Flowers

In 2016, local business Bev’s Floral & Gifts received the Portage County Business Council’s Small Business of the Year Award. Debbie Freeberg, owner of Bev’s Floral & Gifts, has owned the business for the past 16 years. According to Freeberg, the shop has been around for about 32 years and during her ownership, the business has undergone four expansions. The ... Read More »

Gear Up for Love

Love is in the air! To some, the Valentine’s Day season is full of romance and passion, for others, it is everything but. Love Guru Grant Edmonds crafted an umbrella of advice for every person in the “love”  mindset. Edmonds is a certified relationship coach out of Indiana who has appeared on shows such as 7th Heaven and Drew Carey. ... Read More »

108 Sun Salutations

On a day devoted to love, Valentine’s Day, The Yoga and Meditation Club invited Danita Walsh, certified yoga instructor, to lead students and members of the community in 108 Sun Salutations with an emphasis on loving oneself and others. The number 108 holds historical and cultural significance in Eastern societies, but, as Walsh explained, “The beauty of 108 is it ... Read More »

Valentine’s Day Commentary: 25 Reasons to Just do You

Back in sixth grade, I recall getting stuck doing an entire group project during the night of this beloved, ooey gooey celebration. That’s probably how a lot of people feel on Valentine’s Day – stuck doing all the work for people who don’t really care either way. The remedy? Being single with a healthy cynicism. I love writing lists. They’re ... Read More »

Behind the Bar: Blackberry Sage Sangria

As a sweet, yet earthy beverage, blackberry sage sangria is a last-minute touch to make Valentine’s Day perfect. This recipe for two will add sweetness to any date or singles’ celebration. Blackberry Sage Sangria 4 1/2 ounces red wine, preferably Malbec 3 ounces bourbon 1 ounce black pepper syrup 3/4 ounce lime juice 4 sage leaves 10 blackberries 4 slices ... Read More »