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From One Vegetarian to Another: Getting Through the Holidays

It’s that time of year again for vegetarians, when we brace for interrogations on our lifestyle choices and get ready to load up on a few extra servings of mashed potatoes at holiday gatherings. In my meat-and-potatoes kind of family, the turkey missing from my plate has caused plenty of explaining about my life-style choices and personal philosophy.  It has ... Read More »

Meatless Mondays Diet Impacts Environment

Diet plays a role in climate change, deforestation and water conservation, yet it is an aspect of sustainability which is rarely discussed.  That is why College of Natural Resource seniors Deaken Boggs and Megan Zielke are working with student government to bring Meatless Mondays to Campus. The initiative, which encourages omnivores to go vegetarian one day a week, brings a ... Read More »

Cows, Clementines, and Climate Change

Currently, our planet is getting warmer, colder, wetter and dryer all at once. Extreme weather patterns have become a norm. People in Bangladesh have to move out of their flooded homes because of strong rains, while Californians are still in a great drought. This intense global climate change is due to an increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. A ... Read More »