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Incentive Program Helps Alleviate Pressure of 2.5M Debt

The Voluntary Separation Incentive Program will help the university save money with the 2.5-million-dollar budget cuts being made for the fiscal year. The program will help with redirecting positions to focus on priorities, changing needs or strategic objectives of the university and achieving other cost savings or efficiencies. It will also minimize potential involuntary terminations. Eric Yonke, dean of the ... Read More »

UW-Stevens Point to cut 2.5 Million from Budget

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point needs to cut 2.5 million dollars from their spending for the fiscal year of 2019, which begins July 2018. Provost Greg Summers said that there is an ongoing structural deficit that was in danger of growing beyond six to seven million dollars. Structural deficit is when the spending goes beyond the revenue. “Part of this ... Read More »