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Cape Town Will Run Out of Water in April

Cape Town, the capital city of South Africa, is predicted to run out of its water reserves by mid-April of this year. The reason for the water crisis seems to be three years of severe droughts, as well as unsustainable water use by the city’s rapidly growing population. Cape Town’s attempt for water conservation proved to be ineffective, with only ... Read More »

“Searching for Sustainability” Documentary Premier

“Searching for Sustainability” is a documentary which addresses the consequences of food production which will be shown on campus on Nov. 6. This documentary explores relationships between people and resources and provides stories from Wisconsin farmers on this topic. Valerie Dantoin is the creator and producer of the documentary. The director is Dan Bertalan. Dantoin said, “The generation of millennials ... Read More »

UWSP Student to Track Down Pollutants in Local Waters

The University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point is not usually regarded as a research university. However, just because our school lacks that title doesn’t mean our students do not contribute to important scientific studies. Michael Waak, a senior water resources major with a chemistry minor, is one of seven students conducting research through the Advanced Techniques of Environmental Analysis class in ... Read More »